The World Shapers: A Blogsite for Readers, Travelers, and Writers

Purpose: This blogsite is intended to be a gathering place for people who have determined that they will not simply be grateful for what they can have. Do you like to read about people who live beyond the life that seems to have been scripted for them? When you travel, do you want to know the story behind the setting? Do you want to leave some scratch on this earth that will last beyond your time? Welcome to this blogsite! You are invited to tell us what you like to read and why, where you have been and where you will go, and what you want to say about your world that you believe that we should hear. Entertain us.

Request: Non-attribution. Try not to criticize another person’s point when you disagree. We share ideas through blogging. There is no problem to solve.

Initial Blog:

While we are young, we imagine that we will do extraordinary things with our lives. As we age, many of us lose that vision. Some of us are caught up in the circumstances of life, and believe that we cannot do more than survive day-to-day. A very small percentage of us might do something special with our lives. But, that capability can bring us to an inflection point.  Who decides what is special, us, or someone else?  If it is us, how do we reconcile changes to our vision of our lives as we gain experience?  It seems that when we get older, wiser, and our lives become more complicated, it becomes more difficult to act on our vision of what we will do with this one chance to live.  OK, lets do something.  Wait a minute.  Do I have everything that I need to start?  Do I have enough resources (basic human needs, money, and time)?  Do I have good health?  Do I have a plan?  If I have all of these things, can I start?  Will I start?  Must I walk away from a job, my family, my life as usual in order to live the life that I envisioned for myself?  For most of us, we will not start, will not make changes.  But, we could manage a start once we understand that this is our game.  It is a personal matter.  If we have a family, there are other persons who have a stake in our change to our lives too. They matter.  Read. Reading is a good start for changing our lives.  Reading feeds the imagination. It allows us to live vicariously through the life of a fictional character or an historical figure. Travel. I’m not talking about a typical vacation to the usual places. Did you know that you can book a cruise on many cargo ships and travel to even the most obtuse places that you read about? Write. Writing is a bold step in changing your life. A writer does not have to follow a road. A fiction writer crafts the road, devises a plot, breathes life into characters, and shapes the world in which the characters live.  The writer creates art that will outlive him or her (the author). A writer is a world shaper.  But, does the writer change his/her own life through writing?  Are readers and travelers also world shapers?  Can any or all three of them change their lives into what they envision for themselves?  Thus, begins this blog.  What do you think?

Note to bloggers: I am just starting.  Help me out here.  If you are a veteran blogger, pitch in and help me get this going.  Share your ideas on improving this blogsite.  Help me keep it on purpose.  Thanks – Tony. 



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